Gentle . Skilled . Caring

Our Team

Our goal at Valley Endodontics and Oral Surgery is to provide comprehensive and exceptional care to our patients in a friendly and caring environment.

“I know that the prospect of a root canal may cause concern; I aim to listen to your concerns and to provide you with attentive care. My hope is that you leave with a positive concept and better understanding of root canal therapy.”

Dr. James Sather, D.D.S.
Tucson, AZ

“I absolutely love what I do! Whether it’s removing someone from pain, replacing a tooth, or reconstructing a face, I thoroughly enjoy improving the quality of life of my patients. I strive to meet patient expectations by intently listening and skillfully performing the procedures in a safe and relaxed environment.”

Dr. Michael Moody

“I understand the anxiety that patients often experience when they present for an endodontic treatment, and I do my utmost to ease their fears and alleviate their pain by catering to their unique needs, listening to and addressing their concerns, and making every procedure as comfortable as possible.”

Dr. Paul Kogan, D.D.S.
Phoenix, AZ

“To provide immediate pain relief along with long term reconstruction. I’d want to give patients the best experience with Oral Surgery and make them feel as comfortable as possible.”

Dr. Amogh Velangi, D.D.S.
Phoenix & Glendale, AZ

“I am committed to delivering patient-focused quality care, fostering effective referral relationships, and promoting the valuable role of the endodontist in the patient’s overall treatment plan.”

Dr. Trent Lally, DDS
Tucson, AZ

"Take good care of our patients needs and deliver quality care in a friendly environment."

Dr. Axel Yabroudi, D.D.S.
Chandler, AZ

“I work closely with patients to assess their needs and provide exceptional care.”

Dr. Mohammed Elseed, D.M.D., M.S., Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics
Phoenix & Chandler, AZ

"It is a wonderful time to be a dentist! The latest technological advancements in materials and procedures have increased the success rates of root canal treatments and have made root canals almost always pain free. I strive to treat my patients how I would want to be treated if I were in the dental chair, and I love helping my patients save their teeth!"

Dr. Mark Oblad, Endodontist
Peoria, AZ

“My goal is for every patient to feel comfortable in my chair, and confidant in the treatment they receive. I strive to keep an open line of communication between my patients and referring dentists, and look forward to building those relationships in Tucson.”

Dr. Erin Loggins, D.D.S., M.S.
Tucson, AZ
Dr. Daniel Gano
Glendale, AZ
Dr. Brandi Molina
Scottsdale, AZ
Dr. Jacob Carroll