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Oral Surgery Procedures

Types of Oral Surgery Procedures:

Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Wisdom tooth extraction is a right of passage into adulthood. While they do not always need to be removed, wisdom teeth can become impacted, infected or cause other teeth to shift. Removing them before they cause complications is important to your oral health.

Damaged Tooth Extraction: Sometimes, even the most skilled dentist cannot save a tooth. Severe decay, fractures and abscesses could require tooth extraction. Damaged teeth put you at risk for painful infections that, left untreated, could travel to the heart and other areas of your body. Tooth extraction is the safer alternative.

Dental Implants: Dental implants can restore your confidence in your smile. These titanium anchors provide support for artificial teeth that not only look natural but also allow you to eat normally, restore natural contours to your mouth and prevent bone deterioration. We use the latest technology to bring you single-stage implantation surgery.

Bone Grafting: When you lose a permanent tooth, the area of the jawbone where it once sat can atrophy. This thin bone is unsuitable for implants. Luckily, we can regrow bone right where it is needed using bone grafts.

Oral Pathology: The inside of your mouth is a delicate area. When you are suffering from ulcers, abscesses or other lesions, your dentist may want to biopsy the area to make sure nothing else is amiss. Pain in the jaw and soft palette without obvious cause can also be a sign of serious illness, and getting a biopsy could be the key to finding out what is amiss.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Obstructive sleep apnea, a condition where the tongue gets sucked against the back of the throat during sleep, disrupts sleep and causes low blood oxygen levels that could lead to cardiovascular problems. When other methods of treatment fail, it may be necessary to perform oral surgery, tightening the soft palette.

About Anesthesia: For many patients, undergoing any dental procedure can be stressful. We offer sedation dentistry to make your visits anxiety-free. Level IV sedation, administered intravenously, puts you in a state of pain-free, complete relaxation for the duration of your procedure.